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Katja Kolm

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Nomination for Basel Film Award 2018

The cinema film FAMILY PRACTICE from Jeshua Dreyfus is nominated for the Basel Film Award 2018 as best cinema film production. The presentation will happen on Monday 26th of November at 19.30 o'clock at the Gare du Nord in Basel.

Nomination for Austrian Film Award 2018

Katja Kolm is nominated for the Austrian Film Award 2018 in the category "Best Actress in a Supporting Role". She gained her nomination for the role as "Mother Paradis" in Barbara Albert's new cinema film "Madmoiselle Paradis". The film is shown at various international festivals and is currently in cinemas.

Film Festivals in Toronto, London, Hamburg, San Sebastian and Vienna

Katja Kolm (Mother Paradis) and Lukas Miko (Vater Paradis) • Photo: © Christian Schulz/NGF/LOOKS

The new Film MADMOISELLE PARADIS (ger LICHT) by Barbara Albert will be presented at Toronto International Film Festival 2017, BFI London Film Festival 2017, Filmfest Hamburg 2017, San Sebastian International Film Festival 2017 and at the Viennale.

"... The opening shot of Barbara Albert’s “Mademoiselle Paradis” is one of the most startling medium close-ups in recent memory [...] Dragus is simply extraordinary.
After a title card states the setting as 1777 Vienna, we move to the start of Therese’s treatment by the well-known Dr. Mesmer (Devid Striesow).
One of director Albert’s greatest strengths is her establishment of the setting and characters surrounding Therese and Mesmer. Virtually every supporting figure - most notably Therese’s chambermaid, Agnes (Maresi Riegner) - is worthy of his or her own film. Even Therese’s mother and father, Maria (Katja Kolm) and Joseph (Lukas Miko), are more than one-note villains. Their behavior is often cold and merciless, yet Albert also shows the difficulties each faced as parents in an unforgiving society. It was a cruel time, a period in which any perceived disability was cause for banishment. Unless, of course, there was some talent to compensate [...]
“Mademoiselle Paradis” is the fifth film from director Barbara Albert, and for both she and star Maria Dragus, it is a stunning success..." (The Playlist)

Cinema film "Family Practice" shooting finished

The shooting of "Family Practice" is finished.

A Film by Jeshua Dreyfus.
Cast: Dimitri Stapfer, Dani Levy, Katja Kolm, Miriam Strübel, Sibylle Canonica
Cinematography: Patrick Tresch
Production: TILT Production

Shooting started: Cinema film "Family Practice"

Dani Levy, Dimitri Stapfer, Sibylle Canonica and Katja Kolm ©

The shooting for „Sohn meines Vaters“ by Jeshua Dreyfus has just started.
Writer and Director: Jeshua Dreyfus.
Production: TILT Production

New cinema film "Mademoiselle Paradis"

Katja Kolm (Mother Paradis) and Lukas Miko (Father Paradis) • Photo: © Christian Schulz/NGF/LOOKS

The shooting for MADEMOISELLE PARADIS (ger LICHT) is finshed. The release is planned for 2017.

Diretor: Barbara Albert
Cast: Maria Dragus, Devid Striesow, Katja Kolm, Lukas Miko, Maresi Riegner, Susanne Wuest u.a.
Cinematography: Christine A. Maier
Production: Geyrhalter Filmproduktion, LOOKS Filmproduktionen

Vienna, 1777. Maria Theresia (“Resi”) Paradis, 18 years old, is blind, and a pianist of remarkable talent. Resi lost her eyesight literally overnight when she was three. After countless failed medical experiments, her overprotective parents seek out a controversial “miracle doctor,” Franz Anton Mesmer, as their last hope for a cure. For Dr. Mesmer, the chance to successfully treat the young girl could lead to fame and fortune. Resi moves into the estate of the doctor and his wife, where in the company of other patients she tastes personal freedom for the first time. And Mesmer’s treatments seem to have almost immediate success. However, Resi soon notices that as her sight is beginning to return, her musical virtuosity is declining. She becomes aware that being part of society as a seeing person comes at too high a price if it can mean the loss of her inner world of music.

Volksbühne Berlin

Hallelujah (Ein Reservat)

The world premiere of Christoph Marthalers play "Hallelujah (Ein Reservat)" was on 18 Februar 2016 at the Volksbühne Berlin. In the saison 2016/2017 the production was set on stage again.